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Australian Qigong

Welcome to my Qigong page. i have a new site which is working at www.urqigong.com. Until i can transfer this old site to a new system contact me on urqigong.com. I teach Qigong classes in central Victoria, and am a registered Acupuncturist in Victoria. While in China (2011) recently I was awarded the title of Qigong Grand Master in China, after almost 30 years of teaching. I have memberships with AACMA, CMRB.Vic and the WORLD ACADEMIC SOCIETY OF MEDICAL QIGONG, BEIJING, CHINA. So where ever you maybe around the world, please stay and learn about the most beautiful part of my life... Qigong, ( pronounced as "Chi Kung" ) /FONT>

Qigong History

The Chinese knew about relaxation over 7000 years ago via the development of a science they called Qigong ( pronounced as " Chi Kung " ), often referred to as the ancient Art and science of longevity.

Developed from a combination of lifestyles, mainly Taoism and Buddhism. Buddhist Monks and Taoist Masters in particular made observations of movements and cycles within Nature and formed thousands of movements. Qigong remained a secret and was only practiced by the Emperor and nobility for centuries. Even up until recent times, many movements have remained hidden, however as China changes the Masters want to heal and help the world. Today these ancient methods bring great benefit to the health of millions of people around the world and is one of the fastest growing forms of movement, meditation and medicine globally.

Qigong remains the foundation From Qigong the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ), and Feng Shui arose between 3000 and 5000 years ago; with Tai Chi and other Martial Arts developing more recently between 300 and 1500 years ago.

In essence Qigong is the foundation to all the great healing arts, medicinal sciences and most of modern Chinese culture.

Today millions of people throughout the world practice Qigong, as the movements place few or no restrictions on age or health. This means the beauty, simplicity and health benefits of this ancient science can be obtained and enjoyed by all people bringing prosperity, health, and harmony to the world.

The movements David teaches follow the same ancient principals which were passed on from generation to generation through Qigong Grand Master Jack Lim his original teacher and other Grand Masters in China. Through continual practice Qigong increases one's internal energy or " Chi ", which is the basis for obtaining and maintaining good health and a relaxed state throughout one's life.

Places David Has visited in China

David has many years of experience in Natural Therapies and Qigong, and is the first Australian of Anglo decent to reach the level of Qigong Grand Master with recognition within China. David's study in Qigong has taken him to China on many occasions to study tours learning from high level Qigong Grand Masters, while visiting Qigong Hospitals,Buddhist and Taoist temples and many places of cultural importance to China.

Places David has taught Qigong

In Australia David has conducted classes at the Ballarat Base Hospital, for the Telstra corporation, Students at the Melbourne College of Natural Medicine; assisted Jack Lim at conferences and seminars, worked voluntarily with a western doctor and his cancer support group, to mention a few places.. On many occasions David has said " Qigong is a practice which increases our awareness to the flow of energy the Chinese call " Chi ", an energy or vital force encompassing all life throughout the universe from that which is visible, to those things which for now remain invisible to the human eye."

David strictly adheres to the ancient teachings he has learned from his Masters in China.

David's Classes and Services in Qigong
Melbourne, Australia

Regular Classes are held at Castlemaine Tuesdays and Thursdays. Email for further information on Private tuition, and small classes. All classes by Appointment .. New contact .. www.urqigong.com


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